July 15, 2024

How To Retain Customers – Top 3 Strategies You Need to Know!

September 19: Forrester’s research shows that nearly 95% of leaders believe that providing a good customer experience is a top strategic priority.

No matter what business you are in, the key is to understand your customer. That is, getting in their shoes and seeing things from their perspective!

But the main question in the frame here is, “What do you need to do to stay mostly in your customer’s good graces?

Today, determining how to retain customers is a difficult task. But amidst so many players already hitting the market, people want different things at different times, and sometimes, through different channels.  

Considering that, you might think it’s difficult to make broad assumptions about these two things – 

●      What common things do all customers want?

●      If not the cheapest prices, what else is it that they truly desire? 

Well, not anymore. We have simplified it for you. Here are the Top 3 Ways to Retain Customers:

  1. Being Heard and Known 

Today’s consumers are more vocal than ever. They want to be heard, and this is what businesses need to understand. If we see things from the consumers’ perspective, it would be impractical to expect them to stay loyal to a product or service they do not feel connected to.

Ask yourself, will you ever go back to a product or service that was not tailored according to your needs and expectations? A company that does not pay any attention to what the customer wants? 

So boss, the rule here is simple – “When allowed to share, customers will care. Let your customers realize their active participation in the service experience, put their “skin in the game”, and see their loyalty skyrocketing. 

Moving ahead, here is another possible concern you may face – How to initiate or make it possible?

The answer lies in putting in place several tools for gathering customer intelligence. 

Yes, a simple “Could you please tell us how we can improve our service to you?” can have a significant impact on your customer relationship. Simply taking their feedback and suggestions is a great step toward customer retention.

2. Reliable Customer Service Matters! 

As much as your product or service quality matters so does a reliable customer service system. Your customers want to know that they are a priority and that they will get quick assistance if they have a problem without having to explain their problems repeatedly.

Simply having a customer service line to answer customer questions, especially when every call must go through a very typical IVR, is practically a no-no.

However, one of the most common mistakes businesses make when dealing with customers is being unavailable for an extended period and sending no response emails. This is a huge disappointment. 

Instead of this, it is recommended to communicate the status of the service available to them. A few examples include –

● “We’re currently unavailable. If it is something urgent, call Xyz or text Xyz.”

● “Drop a message here, and we will get back to you.” 

3. Personalization is the key!

Did you know that approximately 50% of consumers ignore non-personalized communications? Moreover, 79% of consumers believe that personalized service is more important than personalized marketing.

We are all the main characters in our lives. If that is so, why shouldn’t your customers be treated as such?

To be honest, customers no longer pay attention to generic things because of constant media consumption. Any hint of personalization in product placement or email is much more likely to elicit a positive response than generic ones.

But, as a brand, how do you personalize services for your target audience? The answer is – Leadzen.ai.

Leadzen.ai is an AI-powered lead generation tool. You can call it your one-stop shop for both prospecting and data collection. We have the largest MSME database in India, and our intelligent data model refers to over 500 data sources to provide you with all the information you’ll ever need!

Therefore, big names like Audi, Mudra, Stock Edge, KODO, and Messe Frankfurt, to name a few, trust us with their requirements!

Let us see how leadzen.ai makes it possible. Here are a few features that truly stand out!

●     Geolocator

It’s time to enter the world of geo-targeted marketing with our smart Geolocator Technology! 

You can enter any location into our geolocator and search to narrow down the results. Our tool allows you to gather information both on the micro and macro level. Moreover, it also helps you target an area on the screen by using the polygon tool. The area can be as small or as large as you want, depending on your marketing methods!

Let’s say you want to open a cafe in a specific location and want to learn more about the local population to determine whether there are enough customers for your service. Well, you can use the geolocator to know the average income of the chosen location and set your service price accordingly.

What’s more, you may ask?

You can learn about retail stores, educational institutes, hospitals, and much more in the area you’ve selected with a single click. Not only that, but you also get information such as the region’s lowest and highest buy price, rentals, demographics, and even RBI deposits.

The benefits are immense. These insights and additional data about your area of interest can supplement the family office data and leads we provide. The leads are real-time and validated, ultimately improving time effectiveness and conversion rates.

●     Email Finder 

Are you running an email marketing campaign for your company? 

Use Leadzen.ai – the best email address finder – and locate someone’s personal or a business’s email address in no time!

It helps you construct and maintain an accurate and up-to-date mailing list and produce quality leads. These email finders help you clean and update the data on your mailing list. This prevents your email from being bounced or ending up in the spam folder.

 The Bottomline

We believe that building a product or service by solely focusing on the price and quality isn’t enough anymore. Understanding your customers’ needs and expectations is the key to providing excellent customer service — and a chorus of customers endorsing your brand. 

And what makes the process even simpler and better is using tools like Leadzen.ai that truly understand customer data and set you apart from other brands. We provide you with the most comprehensive, verified, and current time data so that your customers never lose their valuable faith in your business!

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