July 15, 2024

The AI Revolution: How Machine Learning is Changing the Way We Live and  Work: Sanchar Shakti

Kabeer Goswami & Nandu ji Maharaj at Shakti Samman by Sanchar Shakti

New Delhi (India), 12th June: In a discussion like this, we can talk on & on, but raising concerns and suggesting solutions are not going to work. We need a robust platform where these suggestions become our way of life that turns our choices into our command, says “Productivity Consultant & Founder of Sanchar Shakti” Kabeer Goswami. 

Technological advancements are evolving way faster than we could have ever thought & Imagined, this speed is crushing everything that ever comes across, says Kabeer Goswami.

He also explained that during AI evolution, it was thought AI would hit mechanical jobs( Labour Jobs ) at first, then it will impact our offices, then decision-makers & later, it would suffice human creativity. It is very unfortunate that it impacted in reverse order and curtailed the creative engagement of  Human  Genius  &  shockingly, wrong algorithms are killing humans. As we all can see, this is going to create an anomaly in the way we are leading our lives & turning us less useful to the systems.

Humans are driven by emotions & this emotional intelligence connects them with each other, which collectively results in families, societies, nations & world. But the sense of becoming useless is the most depressing feeling. Some may try harder to get advanced some may leave the situation to fate.  Need not to explain scenarios where  Artificial  Intelligence is evolving machines with ever-learning algorithms making them way smarter than humans – that can be explored in Google search. 

Does he say the biggest questions that must come to our minds are what are the options left? Further added, unfortunately almost none there are few things we all must realise before making our perceptions & patterns. 

– There is something machines can not take control over that is our power of  Impressions  &  command because if that thing happens will be the end of humanity. This is also true. Your command is completely driven by the machines you are totally submerged into, like games, social media etc., killing your creativity and decision-making & these programs are learning all your selective patterns, emotional choices, and response time and gaining command of your Impressions. 

– Now, the supply chain is also totally in control of Machines. In other words, we can say Machines are not only controlling you but your societies, economies & politics. That is disastrous & alarming. 

– The only command or power you are left with is working against you. It’s time to realise that nothing but your enhanced perception will alter your choices in your favour. 

– Transition like this seems difficult to us. What will happen to our next generation?

Things we all must ensure happen:

– Our power of Impressions creates trillion-dollar industries – We must ensure your power must serve you to  make you financially independent 

– Learn & educate yourself where your career and business must be driven by your choices – Spiritual education will open up real genius within you where your choices and decisions are yours, only unaffected by anything else you are bombarded with. 

– Schools & colleges are not enough. Your kids need more attention, care and a futuristic approach to their life. 

To provide education that is the need of the hour  &  to make a  powerful career just by using our power of impressions needed a system, and we started building blocks & it has taken the shape of “Sanchar Shakti”. A platform where your power of impressions will work for you & what you learn will give you freedom from technological control driving your choices.  

The future is highly volatile and uncertain in such a  scenario. Autopilot is the drive of life, but collective selection based on awareness and wisdom will assist us to sail through this AI Revolution.

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