July 19, 2024

From Passion to Prosperity: Vikas Agrawal’s Path to Youthful Success

New Delhi (India), September 29:  Vikas Agrawal is a young entrepreneur who runs a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating sales funnels for coaches, trainers, and mentors. His agency serves clients not only in India but also internationally.

Through his services of building funnels, coaching & mentoring programs, webinars, and more, Vikas has inspired and transformed the lives of many people.

He holds a degree in computer science engineering and is an entrepreneur by passion. Initially leading a normal life, he later realized the importance of finding one’s passion and turning it into a business that generates multiple income streams.

In this book, he shares his personal story and the lessons he learned along the way. His objective is to assist others in transforming their lives and achieving their goals.

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Let’s dive into the author’s insights:-

Q1. Tell us something about your book.

Ans-  Let me begin with the quote that you must have come across several times: age is just a number. So, no matter what age category you are in; you might have often found yourself fighting with challenges. This could be in the domain of health, wealth, relationships or overall contentment in life.

These tough and demanding times are what compel us to make choices that we often regret for the rest of our lives. This usually happens with the youngsters. They make career decisions that bait them into a trap for long years. They keep regretting certain decisions even when they grow old. And finally, when it’s time to answer God’s call, they still have a lot of dreams unfulfilled.

So, let me ask you, irrespective of your age, what if you get the opportunity to undo all such flawed decisions and ink a new story of your life?

What if you can sidestep making such unfruitful choices and rather live life with full control?

Whether you are young, in the midway or even on the verge of your professional life, you always have the option to become the captain of your ship.

This book can not only be your guide in overcoming your limiting beliefs but also help you unlock the secrets of being successful.

Although this book is more focused on young people, the shared principles and techniques are of universal application. So, these can be applied by anyone to make a rock-solid foundation for success which can help you grow exponentially in your life

Unlike other books, this is NOT a motivational capsule but a practical step-by-step guide with strategies, tools and techniques that can help you live the life you deserve. And each one of us is born to live an accomplished and successful life.

Q2. Why did you write this book?

Ans-.After reading numerous books on success principles, I realized that there was a need for a book that could connect with young individuals and inspire them to take steps towards success and fulfilment. With this in mind, I wrote a book aimed at helping others and transforming their lives.

Many people believe that they are too young to achieve success, but this is nothing more than a myth. My goal with this book is to break this myth and demonstrate that anyone can achieve anything, regardless of age. 

I believe that this book will serve as a valuable resource for all individuals seeking to achieve holistic success.

Q3.  What is the primary ideology presented in this book?

Ans- “True wealth, success, and happiness can only be achieved by balancing our business life with the duty we have to ourselves and our family.” – Joseph C. Kunz Jr

As I was growing up, I noticed that our society, family and relatives regard those with higher education and well-paying jobs as the definition of success.

However, after reading numerous books, studying stories of prosperous people, learning from my mentors, and applying tested techniques in the past few years, I have discovered something noteworthy.

To build a quake-proof building, you can’t just hold it on a single pillar, it will collapse sooner or later. Therefore, you need to build a strong foundation by adding more pillars.

And then I found there are mainly 3 pillars of success (secrets of success), and they are: 

  1. Health 
  2. Wealth 
  3. Relationships

In the book you will discover how to make these 3 pillars strong at a young age to become successful.

Q4. What is the advice that you want to give to your readers?

Ans-  My advice to readers is that reading this book will introduce you to a new group of friends who are all striving for success. It will motivate you to do the same and help you shed your limiting beliefs, replacing them with the beliefs of successful people.

The book will also get you noticed and recognized, and will unlock the secrets to achieving success. 

I understand that reading can be difficult, as I myself didn’t enjoy it as a child. That’s why I’ve made sure to write in a simple, easy-to-understand language that will make you feel like we are having a conversation together.

I challenge you to finish reading this book within a week and see the instant change in your thinking and actions. 

Once you’ve unlocked the secrets, please share the book with three people you care about, and don’t give up on them until they’ve read it and understood the message. Remember, there is no joy in winning alone.

“Better late than never, but starting early is even better.” – Vikas Agrawal

Get your copies of ‘You Are Not Too Young’ on Amazon https://amzn.to/46mBFKd

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