July 13, 2024

Top 11 Tips for a Stress-Free House Relocation to Your New Mumbai Home

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 23: Shifting to a new house is a big leap in one’s life and calls for celebration. But if you have been worrying about what you require to do before making a move to a new house, we have you all covered! Before turning the key in the door, here are some tasks you have to do to make your home ready to live.

Tips for Moving Stress-free: Do you begin with packing or getting your new home ready? We often come across clients who are unsure of what they need to do before moving into a new house. We have prepared a to-do list to help you move into a new home and settle in no time. Let’s take a read!

Essential Steps Before Moving to Your New Home in Mumbai:

1. Clean your new house

Cutting to the chase, a fresh start by thoroughly cleaning the property that you are about to move can help you pinpoint and tackle issues in the house that may go unnoticed while finalising. This is even more important when moving to a house that’s already been lived-in. You can start with the ceilings followed by the windows. Disinfect and scrub every surface of the bathroom thoroughly. Target the kitchen and make sure every nook and corner is spotless. Later sweep or use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and mop the entire house with a hygienic floor cleaner to get spick-and-span floors.

2. Prioritize repairs & maintenance

To avoid repairs and maintenance coming out of your pocket, make a list of things you want to get checked and if anything needs fixing, request the seller or landlord take care of costs before finalising your house relocation to Mumbai. 
Here’s all that you can check:

  • Check electrical wiring in the house and ensure all the sockets are working fine.
  • Check for leaking taps and pipes
  • Replace faucets if required Also, check for appliances.

3. Ensure the meters are not mal-functioned

The best way to move into a new house without any regrets is to detect any faulty electrical connections or plumbing issues by checking the readings of the electricity and water meters. Take a note of meter readings when you reach your new home, continue with other work around the house without using electricity or water. After about three-four hours, the readings should be the same. If not, there is a fault, and you need to identify and fix the meters, leaks, or defective electrical outlets.

4. Get utilities ready to lead an everyday life

A day without access to Facebook, Instagram, coffee, or the daily news is difficult to imagine. Call up all utility providers and inform them well in advance about the specific date on which you want the services to begin. Some of the utilities include

  • Electricity board;
  • Water supply;
  • Gas connection;
  • Internet service provider;
  • Milk and newspaper vendors;
  • TV-Cable providers

5. Change the locks

This may be an option to change the locks of your new home as it guarantees you additional safety from any prospective thefts. Also, check your window latches and get them repaired if required. It’s a good idea to keep a spare key somewhere safe and out of sight.

6. Get rid of creepy-crawlies

Bugs and pests are like uninvited guests! Before you move into your new house, you must scour through the entire house for the insects and get rid of them entirely. For this, you can carry plenty of bug repellents or contact a pest control team to do the job properly and thoroughly.

Pro-Tip: A lot of our clients complain of termites infestations in wood work. Be sure to check for mites before you move in!

7. Plan the layout of all your rooms

Plan and decide where and how you want to set the furniture and other decorations. This will save you much time after moving in because you already know where everything must go. Also, packers and movers will settle your new home in no time if you will share your layout plan with them well in advance. Ensure you take proper measurements of the rooms and furniture to plan where to place everything. Share this plan with your house relocation service for an even smoother relocation experience.

Pro-Tip: Consider your and your family’s lifestyle when sketching out a layout for all the rooms.

8. Think about the home-decor

Transform your home with minor changes and updates. Consider replacing old fixtures so that your walls, ceilings and kitchen cabinets have a fresher look. You could also consider changing the wall colours before moving in and adjusting your new home’s colours and hues as per your choice. Add curtains and drapes for your windows to curb the appeal of your house and make it look more sophisticated and comfortable.

9. Update your address

Inform about the change of address, wherever required, at least two weeks before your move and don’t forget to share the same with your bank or credit card company, insurance, medical offices and anyone else who needs to know.

10. Know your neighbors

Add a pinch of a good old hello to your move! Get in a conversation with your neighbors to feel more relaxed and comfortable while moving to a new house. A cordial relationship with your new neighbors will help you have peace of mind and feel safe in many situations. Also, it’s a great way to make your kids and pets feel at home as soon as you move in.

11. Get help from professionals

Last but not least, to avoid hiccups like delays and damages, it’s always best to look for professional  house relocation service in Mumbai  rather than doing it on your own. Imagine packing household articles stacked in your cupboards and carrying all that and moving. It sounds tedious! Relocating to a new city or even within the same city can be overwhelming. Don’t overlook the reviews, and be sure to do your homework and choose a licensed, insured and trustworthy mover.

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