July 13, 2024

Creative PropTech’s New Home Inspection Service Launch Assures Investment Safety for Indian Property Buyers

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 9: Creative PropTech, a leading real estate valuation company, has announced the launch of its innovative home inspection services in India. Aimed at assuring investment safety for Indian property buyers, Creative PropTech’s Home Inspection Services will provide comprehensive inspection reports of the property, ensuring that potential buyers are well-informed about their prospective investments before making a purchase decision.

The newly launched services will utilize state-of-the-art technologies to uncover hidden property issues that might be missed during traditional inspection processes. These advanced inspection methods offer buyers a deeper insight into their potential investments, ensuring a clear understanding of the property’s condition.

In the United States, 86% of homebuyers opt for home inspection services, translating to nearly 8 out of 10 homes being inspected annually. Additionally, 99% of realtors in the US recommend home inspection, and 85% of mortgage lenders require home inspection reports. 

In India, given the discrepancies often encountered in the real estate market, home inspection services play a vital role in safeguarding buyer’s interests. Issues such as substandard construction, the use of inferior materials, and discrepancies between promised and delivered features can significantly affect the value and safety of a property. In India, buyers now seek to protect their investments, and awareness of the importance of thorough property inspections is rising. 

Potential homebuyers are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with property investments. As the real estate sector grows, there is a rising demand for assurance and transparency in property transactions.

Creative PropTech’s launch in India aims to bring high standards and transparency to the Indian real estate market, where buyers are often concerned about hidden issues like structural weaknesses, outdated electrical systems, hidden mold, and pest infestations, as well as issues related to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical systems, stair railings, cabinets and countertops, water supply, exhaust systems, air conditioning systems, etc.

“Our vision to launch home inspection services in India is to provide comprehensive home inspection using the latest technology to identify any issues, from structural weaknesses to potential safety hazards, that could compromise safety and investment value. This ensures that our clients can fully understand and trust the quality of their investment” said Mr. Raja Shambhu, Co-founder & Chairman of Creative PropTech Pvt Ltd.

The company will achieve this vision through the use of innovative inspection processes, 250+ Inspection Experts & high-tech tools, such as thermal cameras, multimeters, modern water pressure gauges, moisture meters, borehole cameras, TDS and PH water testers, inclinometers etc. All the observations from these tools are presented through a 360-degree interactive walk-through to understand the inspection report better. 

“We have brought the most impactful resources in the market, enabling us to provide precise and detailed comprehensive inspection services. Our expert team ensures the highest quality standards, guaranteeing our clients the confidence and security they need in their real estate investments” said Mr. Kamaljit Ridlon, Regional Technical Manager at Creative PropTech Pvt Ltd. 

Creative PropTech offers home inspection services at various stages of property ownership to ensure safety, functionality, and value. These services are valuable when taking possession of a new flat from a developer, before purchasing a resale flat, before renovations, during construction to monitor quality, and post-renovation to ensure the work is completed as per recommendations.

The company’s proven models and transparent practices have earned it a prestigious reputation in the industry. With operations across major financial hubs such as Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Indore, Bhopal, Surat, and Ahmedabad, Creative PropTech is dedicated to identifying and capitalizing on real estate opportunities that ensure long-term value for its clients.

Also, as a leading Realty Wealth Management and Real Estate Research service provider, Creative PropTech leverages advanced market intelligence and cutting-edge technology for scalable real estate investment opportunities. Serving a diverse clientele that includes all leading financial institutions in India, Creative PropTech delivers in-depth, research-based valuations, feasibility studies, comprehensive advisory services, real estate wealth management for NRIs and home inspection services.

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